What is this?

Victoriporn publishes erotic photography from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

We publish three pictures every day pictures when we feel like it and our funny is working; follow us on Twitter, add our RSS feed to your feed reader or get posts via email to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Who writes this stuff?

Vic Torey-Paughn is a middle-aged pervert living somewhere in Europe. Generally disinclined to labels, she is nevertheless sympathetic to Woody Allen’s belief that bisexuality doubles your chance of a date on a Saturday night (though she would stay in and wash her hair forever rather than go on a date with W. Allen). Her favourite men are Professor Severus Snape, Mr Rochester and Stephen Fry: she notes with a wry smile that these are all fictional characters.

When not ogling ladies old enough to be her great-grandmother, Vic indulges her alcoholism and passion for improbable cheese.