Sexy stories in Victorian Times

When it comes to sex, the Victorian era was about as destitute as you could get. If you heard it was a prudish time, you heard right. Yet, there are some sexy tales hailing from that era, which we’ll now tell you about.

The Oyster: Volume I

In Victorian times, an erotic magazine was being published by one William Lazenby, whose best stories make up The Oyster, now available on Goodreads. This volume tells tales of extreme debauchery, with no device or deed left to the imagination, in sumptuously graphic detail. From rutting and bisexual couples to lesbian tribes, no stone is left unturned. There’s even a bit of voyeurism for good measure.

Volume I isdedicated to A Fond Recollection, which is about two young boys studying at Nottsgrove Academy. The narrator and a friend of his, together and separately, savor the delights of a young woman called Lucy under the expert tutorage of a teacher.

The Collector’s Edition of Victorian Lesbian Erotica

The Victorian epoch is an untapped source of lesbian eroticism. Erotica writers of the time were very interested in bi and lesbian women. They have no equal when it comes to written treasuries of perversion and vice. The stories in this collection delve into the world of the prostitute and the aristocrat, the innocent and the seasoned seductress. All the stories share a sense of fun, sexiness, and mischief that was typical of Victorian lesbian erotica. They defy stereotypes and creatively depict a sexuality-driven underground.


Beatrice was first published in 1895 in Paris.The title character is a young woman who is coming home after her marriage has failed marriage. In the comfort of her family home, she finds solace in sensuous, delicate love-making including the gentle and progressive-minded use of whips and straps.

The Story of Lust: The Underground Erotica of Victorian England

The erotic stories, poems, photos, and other illustrationsin this collection portray a vibrant underground culture devoted to sexual art and erotic writing behind the puritan shutter of Victorian England. It is estimated that up to 25% of women worked as prostitutes during this period of history and every fifth urban building was a brothel or sex club. Nobles, authors, and royal family members took part in lurid writing contests, which are published in the Story of Lust.

The unique combination of erotica and art that we’ve presented here provides a window into the subject that the most famous British writers, artists, and sculptors wrote about during this epoch of monstrous sexual repression.