How to Pick up Women in LA

California girls have been the subject of too many lustful songs to count, and LA is home to the hottest. Girls from around the world come to the City of Angels to build a career in modeling or acting. Here’s your guide on how to pick up girls in LA.

Avoid Mistake #1

Most guys will concentrate all their efforts in Hollywood and the Sunset Strip, neglecting many other important possibilities. While it’s true that the best nightclubs and bars are right here, you can use the day to your advantage too. In good weather, head over to one of the beaches, ideally with a group of friends. Venice Beach, Malibu Beach, and Manhattan Beach are quite popular with the ladies.

Be Confident 

When someone catches your eye, don’t hesitate. Things move quickly in LA. Simply head over, introduce yourself, and make a sincere compliment. The girl will either accept your company or reject it. Hopefully, it’ll be the former, but even so, sexual interest is not a given. You will need to work to create interest.

The Signs

There are signs to indicate interest, such as smiling a lot, playing with her hair, laughing at what you say (but not AT you), blushing, and making (maintaining) eye contact. There are also signs of disinterest: not maintaining eye contact, acting distant, or responding with just one or two words.

Remember the Walk

According to experts, women pay special attention to a man’s gait and attire. Nowhere is this truer than in LA. Dress stylishly, even for the beach. Keep an impeccable wardrobe, it can be only for the duration of your stay in this city. After your clothes, women will look at how you walk. Slowing down is key. A confident man isn’t in a hurry to get anywhere. Still, there’s a difference between slow, purposeful walking and slouching along. Don’t meander; walk like you have a destination.

Hot Spots

Two unexpectedly popular pickup spots in LA are the Friend in Silver Lake and Good Times at Davey Wayne’s. The Friend isn’t as small as it may seem on peak nights; it’s just that the dance floor is full. Good Times in Hollywood has a relaxed, anything-goes vibe. It’s easy to strike up a conversation spontaneously. The hallways are darkly lit, and the couches – comfortable and spacious.

Finally, the gym’s potential as a pickup spot shouldn’t be disregarded. You might get lucky if you sign up for a class with a partner. In these classes, the ratio of women to men will be in your favor.